Types Of Rottweiler Shows
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Types Of Rottweiler Shows


[Types Of Rottweiler Shows]

1. There are only two types of Rottweiler shows:-
. Championship Shows
. Yearly Sieger Show

2. All Rottweiler shows organised by RCP are breed speciality shows. That means only Rottweilers are shown. The judge is usually a Rottweiler specialist judge or from FCI/ADRK.

3. In a normal Rottweiler championship show Rottweilers are judged with a closer breed standard check. It is a conformation show but more critically judged according to Rottweiler breed standard as compared to in all breed show.

4. In a sieger show Temperament of dogs is also taken into consideration along with conformation.

5. Rottweilers which have earned an IPO I, II or III Or a SchH I, II or III qualify to compete in Working Class. At the moment we would only see imported dogs in working class since these trainings are not locally available at the moment.

6. A rottweiler has to be placed V1 three times under three different judges at RCP shows to qualify as a Champion. Only then it can be shown in champion class.

7. If a dog enters in an Open or Working Class and goes ahead and becomes a Sieger it does NOT qualify him as a Champion automatically.

8. Sieger Show at the moment is also a type of conformation show in Pakistan. It is very much similar to a championship show except that titles like Sieger, Siegerin, Junior Sieger and Junior Siegerin are given in sieger shows.

9. In an RCP Championship or Sieger show the maximum grading is V1, V2 and so on.

10. There is no VA grading in Rottweiler shows.

11. In sieger shows Dogs and Bitches winning their respective Champion, Working and Open Class qualify to fight for title of Sieger or Siegerin, which is selected by the judge.

12. In a Normal Championship show the maximum grading a Dog/Bitch can achieve is Best Male or Best female. In a Sieger Show it can achieve Sieger/Siegerin titles.